Get Involved

Find meaningful connection and purpose on your faith journey by getting involved.


We aspire to be a people who offer our time in service to others, following the example set by Jesus.  Join a team [Hospitality, Children & Youth, Compassion, Worship, Operations, Production & Media, Office] and help make SCF a welcoming place to connect with Jesus and others. 


We believe God is the giver of all we are and all we have.
Because He is the source of every good thing, it’s our great privilege to steward our finances and possessions well to give back to Him.   We choose to give boldly and believe that He works and multiplies what we give. An impact far beyond anything we could ever do on our own is accomplished when we partner with God.


Baptism symbolizes our unity with Jesus in His death and celebrates His resurrection, in which we share (Romans 6:5). It acts as a declaration of faith, symbolizing our future hope and journey in Christianity. Conducted through water immersion, baptism is a step taken after one chooses to follow Jesus Christ, though it is not what makes someone a Christian.


Prayer is central to our relationship with God. It was taught by Jesus, heavily depended on by the Early Church, and has brought peace to Christians for centuries. Through prayer, God invites us to converse, lament, deliberate, and even grapple with Him. Remarkably, He assures us that our prayers can effect change in the hearts and lives of people.

Both personal prayer and communal prayer with fellow Christians are beneficial practices.


We are dedicated to providing training in crucial areas such as Health & Safety, Fire Safety, Safeguarding, First Aid, and Food Hygiene. This commitment is not just about compliance; it’s about enhancing the quality of our services and ensure a safe, supportive, and efficient environment for our ministry and community.


The Bridge
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