SCF's Vision



Where there is no vision the people perish. The Elders of SCF have sought the Lord and God has given us a specific vision. That vision starts with people who are growing deeper as disciples of Jesus Christ; people who will go on to demonstrate transformed lives. These transformed lives will become evident to others, who will then also come to know Jesus Christ for themselves.

God has given SCF a specific calling and vision:

  • Members of SCF will grow (stronger and deeper) as disciples of Christ: everything starts with, and is covered by, prayer;
  • People will see Christ-in-us transform lives:** people will experience Christ-in-us transforming lives and communities;
  • The Bridge is to be a light in the community (Isaiah 60:1): SCF will reach people physically, socially and spiritually;
  • Everyone will know about The Bridge and SCF: everyone will know of The Bridge and SCF and be clear who we are;
  • Government and community agencies will come to us for help & support: local schools, our MP, the police and local institutions.

The Elders continually seek God’s wisdom through The Bible and through prayer. As a church we are also fully committed to the priesthood of all believers and expect God to speak into and through everyone – regardless of age – within our church family.